Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Happening -- more media

Joshua Woodhall designed the silk screened poster for the 4th Annual Tucson Sculpture Festival:

We made an additional sticker, with a man inspecting the sculptural QR code, and additional opening information, to attach to the poster (Joshua also drew the man):

Arizona Public Media, the Tucson affiliates of NPR, came on Jan 17th, to do a piece on the Sculpture Resource Center and the  Sculpture Festival (radio aired on Feb 1st, NPR 89.1 FM; video aired on Feb 14th, KUAT channel 6 Tucson). Below they are filming the petite Anarchestra:

8000 postcard flyers were delivered this week:

Our Facebook page went live on Jan 18th:

We ordered custom guitar pics for the Anarchestra:

The Arizona Daily Star did an article on us and the Whistle Stop Building (Jan 31st, 2013):
Arizona Public Media:

 The Tucson Weekly did an article on us (Jan 31st, 2013):

The Tucson Citizen did 2 articles about us (Jan 29, 2013):
KXCI mentioned us on the radio  (Feb 1, 2013?):

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