Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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Closing Event: Friday, February 15th:

6 - 9 PM, Whistle Stop Depot

Closing Activities:

The Anarchestra will play at the Whistle Stop
Carl Hanni will be DJing
Performance by "Poi-Zen" Performance Troop -- 8 PM

Food, beer, and wine 5 - 6 PM, Sculpture Resource Center
Happy Hour catered by The Tasteful Kitchen


Video of the closing event:

"Poi-Zen" fire dancers at the closing event (taken by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli):

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Digital Presentation at Opening

Xerocraft hackerspace of Tucson showed off their 3D printer at the opening.

  • They scanned visitors in real time with a Kinect and Reconstruct me
  • They showed off Augmented Reality with the smartphone Augment app
  • They projected a virtual world with sculptures using OpenSim
  • They showed off a smart phone driven Lazy Susan (using an Arduino)

Xerocraft 3D printing with an Ultimaker
on opening night

The Android phone is moving the Lazy Susan,
to turn the virtual skull on the tablet,
to show off Augmented Reality

At the closing, Xerocraft brought in a 3D print of a woman they scanned at the opening.  Wow!:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Opening Night

We had a great opening!

 Opening Event Friday, February 1st, at both "near downtown" locations:

Opening activities:

  • The Anarchestra will be exhibited/playing at the Whistle Stop
  • Adam Lipsky will also be on the piano at the Whistle Stop
  • Live human sculptures will appear at the Whistle Stop 
  • There will be live 3D printing and other digital sculpture demonstrations at the Whistle Stop
  • Susan Johnson will give a live demo at the Whistle Stop
  • Members of the Tucson High School Drumline will parade from the Whistle Stop to the Sculpture Resource Center before 9:00 pm
  • Carl Hanni will DJ at the Sculpture Resource Center
  •  Kenny Stewart will perform magic at the Sculpture Resource Center
  • Food will be for sale at both locations 

 Opening night at the Whistle Stop Depot
Feb 1, 2013

Levitating human sculpture 

Randy "Warhol" Young
Founder of the Sculpture Resource Center 

Mat Bevel's large kinetic butterfly sculpture

Members of the Tucson High School Drumline
paraded from the Whistle Stop Depot 
to the Sculpture Resource Center
during the opening night

Adam Lipsky

The Anarchestra set up

Opening Night at the Sculpture Resource Center:

Kenny Stewart