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We enjoyed seeing and hearing the Anarchestra again at the Tucson Sculpture Festival 2013.  Electric Tiger Productions made a YouTube video of the event:

The Anarchestra creates all of it's sounds from scratch.  It is an orchestra of handmade, welded instruments, which cover all 4 categories of noise makers -- Drums, Percussion (like marimba), Winds (horns, flutes, clarinets), and Strings.  Listen to them all in a YouTube playlist.

Click image above to see a playlist
 of Anarchestra musical instruments --
 slideshows with music

Search YouTube for other Anarchestra videos, including a brief history.

Click image above to see
a brief history of the Anarchestra --
slideshow and music

View the Anarchestra at last year's (2012) sculpture festival.

 Anarchestra jamming in 2012

The Anarchestra CDs and MP3s are available on Amazon:

Anarchestra music on Amazon 

The Anarchestra relates to other innovative musicians like:
Also look at:

The Anarchestra experimented with 3D printing a dual mouthpiece -- however, the experiment did not work:

3D printed dual mouthpiece

There is a Spotify Anarchestra playlist on Facebook.


The Anarchestra set up at
the Tucson Sculpture Festival 2013

The instrument maker
at the opening

Opening night

Opening night

Opening night

At the end of every day,
there is a small Anarchestra concert

The Anarchestra was experimenting during the festival.  They built a Plate Reverb Device, using the bottle cap microphones, that they built during the CMKT 4 workshop at Heatsync hackerspace in Mesa (near Phoenix) last year.

 The Plate Reverb Device

 The CMKT 4 microphone
hooked up to the large metal plate

Click images below to watch YouTube videos:

Plate Reverb in action

Aluminum plate reverb

Musical instrument changes sound
when dipped in water

Oil drum used as a speaker


Finally, a new musical instrument -- Roarick -- developed at the Anarchestra complex during the Tucson Sculpture Festival 2013:

UPdate:  Anarchestra video (made by Special Head long after the Tucson Sculpture Festival) gets over a million hits

Strange Musical Instruments Never Seen Before - 
The Anarchestra

UPDATE 2016:  

The Anarchestra got on the front cover of the Tucson Weekly, July 21, 2016.

Also, the Anarchestra instruments were used by Spanish composer Roque Baños to make the musical score for the major movie Don't Breathe.

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