Monday, January 7, 2013

Early Sculpture Activity

Preparations for the festival are underway!  Artists have entered a lot of beautiful sculptures, others are working are new ones, and we have been looking at public sculpture around Tucson.

Anthony Bayne and Joe Lupiani, both of whom work at the Metalphysic foundry, created this beautiful bronze public sculpture in front of the Whistle Stop Depot, in the Dunbar Springs neighborhood.

 Sculpture by Anthony Bayne and Joe Lupiani

3D scan of Alison Aragon's small clay dancer, which will be 3D printed in plastic for the festival (3D scanning done by Metalphysic foundry):

Sculpture by Alison Aragon

Krrrl went to Albuquerque to pick up a bronze bust by Alison Aragon:

 Bust in car
by Alison Aragon 

Strange roadside sculpture in Hatch, New Mexico, on the drive back from Albuquerque to Tucson:

Gonzalo Espinosa carves Styrofoam at the Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson:

We hope to exhibit a smaller version of Twister, an important early digital-to-physical 3D artwork, by Dan Collins, sculptor and professor at ASU:

by Dan Collins

Mat Bevel recently installed his public art piece, the mechanical butterfly, at 6th Avenue and Toole street, easy walking distance from the festival venues.  He currently has a kinetic shark sculpture on display in the Tucson Art Museum, for the Art+The Machine show, until July 14th.

Krrrl and Tanya took a tour of the sculpture on the Campus of the University of Arizona, and enjoyed this masterpiece by world famous Francisco Zuniga, in front of the UofA Art Museum:

"Standing Woman with Hands on her Face"
by Francisco Zuniga

Tucson has a lot of good public art, including this sculpture of Father Kino, by Julián Martínez Soros (who also did the large bronze of Pancho Villa in downtown Tucson):

Public sculpture
by Julian Martinez Soros 

The 2013 Tucson Sculpture Festival forges ahead after the New Year:

Sculptor Moises Orozco
created North America's largest disco ball
to kick off the 2013 New Year
at Club Congress

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