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February 1st -15th / 11am - 7pm daily  

The 4th Annual Tucson Sculpture Festival kicks sculpture into the 21st century, showcasing the eclectic variety of local artists along with some digital-to-physical sculpture. Also featured is the Anarchestra, a complete orchestra of homemade welded musical instruments.
We're on it!
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Pictures of all the sculptures by artist:

Opening Event:  Friday, February 1st, 2013:

Closing Event:  Friday, February 15th, 2013:

The Sculpture Festival is at 2 venues:

The Whistle Stop Depot (main venue)  -- 127 West 5th STREET (one block west of Stone Ave)
(Note: Lots of parking during open hours, including the adjacent lot on the east side)

The Sculpture Resource Center --  640 North Stone Avenue

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The beautiful new Whistle Stop Depot
(photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli) 

The Sculpture Resource Center (website)

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Check the blog for current updates on what is happening at this year's sculpture festival!

Gonzalo Espinosa carving Styrofoam
(click above image to read festival blog)

Other nearby art venues and events:
This year's festival has grown from the 2012 sculpture festival, which was a lot of fun:

Click above image,
to read blog chronicling last year's festival


  1. Woooha looking forward to see some great work.

  2. Is this open to the public, or invitation only?

  3. I stopped by the festival yesterday -- outstanding quality and diversity of work!

    It felt like you could just pick up the Whistle Stop Depot contents and drop them in any art museum in the country and have an excellent exhibition (all the better that it was in Tucson and free).

    I posted a few pics of your excellent show over on my blog.

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