Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It Wanted to Happen

Tucson brims over with artistic talent, and the whole community came out to support the Sculpture Festival. This kind of event just wants to happen...

Sculpture and model

Sculpture and admirer

Opening night at the Whistle Stop Depot

Human sculpture on opening night at the Whistle Stop

Randy "Warhol"
founder of the Sculpture Resource Center
at the Whistle Stop

Leon Sierra float
in front of the Whistle Stop

Mat Bevel's butterfly sculpture
in front of the Whistle Stop

Crowd plays the Anarchestra instruments
at the Whistle Stop opening

Anarchestra director

Xerocraft shows off 3D printer and 3D scanning
at Whistle Stop

Dominic Arizona
 catalog photographer and designer


Nancy and Carl
run the Whistle Stop

Stuart Ross Snider



Spencer Edgerton's sculpture
graces the front of the catalog

Members of Tucson High's Drumline
parade from the Whistle Stop Depot
to the Sculpture Resource Center

Sculpture Resource Center opening



Kenny Stewart
performs his magic at the Sculpture Resource Center

Ariel Diaz and family


During the Sculpture Festival, Guillermo Gómez-Peña hosted a workshop nearby, at the Cirque Roots space in the Solar Culture complex:

Closing at the Whistle Stop Depot

Whistle Stop Depot

Sculpture Resource Center

Tanya whispering in ear of
giant rabbit sculpture by Mark Rossi
in Tempe after festival was over

Happy camper

Photos taken by Dominic Arizona and Eneida Colon.

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